Paula J. Such

I love learning about new things, finding wisdom from others, and discussing my findings with others. But in my late 20’s, I got into a funk. 

  • Wasn’t loving my job 
  • Or my everyday bad decisions
  • Or the credit card debt

Then, I decided to change all of that because…

…have you ever regretted NOT doing something?

Well, I did. My regret was not traveling abroad while in college or right after.

So, in 2013, I paid off my debt, saved money, and then quit my job and traveled Europe for the summer. 

Now, I have a new career where I get to travel for work. And still continue to travel for personal reasons (of course)!

Travel, Culture & History

I originally started this blog as a way to share my travel with close friends and family.

Now, it will mostly be about my thoughts on how travel and culture intersect, plus history (the why & how) behind it.

However, I do hope to inspire even more people to open their minds, try something new, and live life on their own terms.