“Tonight we’re going har har-har ha-ha-hard

Just like the world is our our-our our-our-ours

We’re tearin’ it apart part-part pa-pa-part

You know we’re superstars, we are who we are!

We’re dancing like we’re dum dum-dum dum-dum-dumb

Our bodies go num num-num num-num-numb

We’ll be forever youn youn-youn youn-youn-young

You know we’re superstars, we are who we are!”

-KE$HA from song “We R Who We R”

This was the theme of last weekend when G and I decided to go out to Tantric in the Main Square. We got there around 11:30pm, which is earlier than most people (note: there’s no closing time at most bars and clubs here – they close when the last person leaves usually). There were 2 huge groups of locals in front of us who were denied at the entrance because they “were at capacity.” Fortunately, we looked like Americans and got right in!

At capacity, they were not…

Oh see, there’s 1 other guy here besides us.

But once 1am came, people started to fill the club. The scene seemed to be hot Polish girls and tourist guys…I’d say maybe 10-15 years younger than us (but shhhh – I don’t think anyone knew). I realized how long it’s been since I’ve actually placed foot inside a club – maybe 4 years or so. Don’t you worry, I realized this is just like riding a bike!

“Faded (DRANK), Faded (DRANK)” – Kendrick Lamar

We danced for almost 2 or 3 hours straight! WHAT?!?!

I think this proves that you can have Fun At Any Age. Just because you may be the oldest ones in the club shouldn’t stop you from going if you really love to dance. Or insert this situation into any interest you used to have.

Spin around in circles until you fall down? Do it.

Talk to your imaginary friend every once in awhile? Why not.

Drink all night (and then safely walk or take a taxi home) and then wake up at 12noon? Go ahead. (Note: I’ve adopted this lifestyle since being in Krakow.)

What are some things that you do even though you feel you’re technically “too old” to do it?