After many months of looking at the webcam of Krakow Main square while my boyfriend reminisces about growing up and spending time there,  I finally saw it up close and personal. Being that it is the largest main square in all of Europe, it is quite a sight to see!
So far, my favorite things about this place are:
1. Old buildings that were turned into shopping experiences. Pasaz 13 was super cool shopping center right in the main square!

2. Outdoor seating/people watching opportunities. Cafe Botanica was our 1st stop to relax and drink some non-bubbly water.

3. Food that is good and affordable. Pizza Cyklop was a favorite hangout of G back in the day. One large pizza and 4 glasses of wine was a total of $24 between the both of us!

4. Old buildings that were NOT turned into shopping experiences. Most buildings here are churches, but there’s also an old merchant exchange where you can now buy souveniers.

5. Everyone who works here speaks English (not that big of deal since my boyfriend speaks Polish, but I’m American and assume everyone in the world speaks/should speak English)
More pictures to come as we will visit Krakow’s main square often!