“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” -Lao-tzu,a Chinese philosopher

Starting a new journey brings out many emotions: excitement, happiness, anxiety, panic, acceptance. I’ve been through all as a I prepare to change course in life – a 2 month vacation in Europe and then a relocation to Northern Cal this fall. I am fortunate enough to have this opportunity to turn this dream I’ve always had into reality partly because of my boyfriend – our vacation and the relocation – and for me being in the right place at the right time (and saved the right amount of money). And now, after going through all of those emotions that past 6 weeks in full circle, as well as a series of going away parties, EXCITEMENT is back on again!

We plan on visiting – any suggestions on what to do?
Krakow, Poland (my boo’s hometown)

Bologna, Italy Where we’ll have some good eatin’

Florence, Italy Home of Michelangelo’s David and some sweet leather goods shopping

Rome, Italy Known for NOT being built in a day

Siena, Italy Our closest stop near Tuscany – I look forward to eating and drinking here

Malaga, Spain One of the oldest cities in the world, Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas hail from here

Valencia, Spain The city that created paella, I will look forward to eating and drinking here!

Seville, Spain Lots of Flamenco dancing and extremely HOT weather in July

After the travel journey, I start a new career journey – which is mostly unknown. Most people ensure that I will find my way to something, and I agree. Has anyone else stepped out in faith on a new journey?

As for whatever may come, I must quote another philosopher (street):

“I ain’t worried ’bout nothing!”

-French Montana