Part of Forum near Colosseum

“When in Rome, live as the Romans do; when elsewhere, live as they live elsewhere.” – Saint Ambrose

When walking around Rome, we were in awe of all buildings, ruins and structures. Some people say being in Rome is like being in a living museum. You could just feel how old the city is. I mean, you’re standing on the same grounds as the old dudes we read about in history books! 

As with any city, there are positives and negatives about visiting. Most people love Rome for the sightseeing, good food & wine, and shopping. I personally loved walking around at night and seeing all of these historic buildings lit up – there’s such a stunning contrast of the buildings to the dark sky. 

However, the downsides are quite considerable. One is the summer heat – it can literally beat you up. Rome summers are hot, hot, hot! Second, there are waaaay too many tourists at this time as well.  Third, as with most big cities, is it’s so expensive. For example, we were on a 4-city tour and this was our last one. In the smaller cites, we had great wine and food for a fraction of the price – there’s great food and wine everywhere in Italy!

Rome at Night – the best way to see the city!

Altare della Patria is stunning at night
Overlooking Rome all the way to Vatican City. After eating near the Spanish Stairs, we wandered up a random street that had the best views!
Some cool Romans just hanging out

Villa Borghese – the largest public park in Rome. And our hotel was a couple blocks away!

This place was HUGE! We tried to sneak into some business party outside but were denied.
I loved this walkway

La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali

How cute is the inside?!?!
Great food!

The People Everywhere

I mean…I think all 8 billion people in the world was in Rome the same time we were. Look at all those people…
Luckily, we found an urban oasis. This rooftop was overpriced, but I didn’t care. I’m so happy to not be around tourists!

Because of the crowds and how expensive everything was, I actually enjoyed the smaller cities vs. Rome as far as experience. I do look forward to visiting again…finding little neighborhoods where I can get more of an authentic feel. And, maybe see more of the insides of buildings vs. just the outside at night. But, everything aside, nothing beats the magnificent sites we saw while in Rome! 

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