“Not all those who wonder are lost”
-J.R.R. Tolkian

What is the definition of vacation if you don’t have a “job?” Maybe it’s a fancy way of saying you’re just bumming around in a different location than your permanent home.

What is a vacation if you do have a job? It’s probably the 2 weeks out of the year to visit family or go to the beach.

Even though my dreams are coming into realization, I’m not quite at the level of excitement I expected. After the 1st day of sitting in the Main Square, being in another country for what I consider an extended period of time feels surreal. It’s like I’m 4th Dimension Paula!

Some of my feelings include, but are not limited to:
-Zoning out
-Overall feeling of being lost and feeling uncomfortable

I think most of these feelings are derived from experiencing something new. Never have I left all I know for a new experience. And change is uncomfortable.

For now, my perscription will be to ENJOY EACH MOMENT! Take some time to drink wine, eat food, have conversation and soak it all in!

At what point in life have you decided to enjoy every moment?