Plaza de España

Seville felt like home. It was a picture-perfect city with Moorish-themed architecture, magnificent tapas (small plates of food) and warm people. And the vibe at night was lively, to say the least.We were lucky enough to stay there for 5 nights, which gave us enough time to truly see most of what this city has to offer. Note: one side effect of staying in a city that long actually makes you believe you kind of live there.

My “Traveling Like a Boss (on a Budget)” series for Seville is broken into 4 different parts. Since we were there longer than any other city, this seemed like the best way to present it. Plus, editing the 600 pictures I took into 100 pictures, and then putting all of that into one blog post is pretty impossible. So I’m starting with Part IV and then building my way up to the most exciting pictures in Part I. I know you’ll enjoy them!

Seville, Spain Part II: Plaza de España and La Raza

Plaza de España – Built in 1928, this magnificent superstructure is located in the Parque de la Maria Luisa nearby our hotel. It was definitely one of my favorite buildings we saw all summer and the beauty was in the detail. Wiki info here. And crazy enough, it was 105 F degrees that day – we were close to seriously melting away.

Que hermoso!
There were details errrywhere…

Even on the ceilings
Along each wall, on this level and upstairs, were paintings and tiles representing all major cities in Spain.
Speaking of stairs… 
These were beside each staircase describing the plaza in more detail
You can rent a row boat and cruise along the river for unlimited picture opportunities!
Inset is of the detail – can you believe someone painted that by hand!?!?
If all of the other detail wasn’t enough for you…they added mini fountains
Don’t be fooled – my sunglasses are NOT Ray Bans. They’re Rey Berris and I got them for $20 when my Armani ones broke.
I circle the temp. This is in Celsius. For my Americans, this is equivalent to 106 F degrees!

Maria Luisa surrounding gardens and buildings – While the main plaza is now used for the central government, most of the surrounding architecture houses museums.

There were so many fountains of beauty. I can only imagine strolling through here on a Sunday afternoon back in the day…

This was called Plaza of the Americas with all those pigeons and such. How they gonna do that? Get those pigeons out of ‘Merica! P.S. There is a mom with this family – once she saw those dirty birds she was out!

La Raza – There was no way we’re making back to the hotel without restoring our liquid levels. We stopped by this awesome outdoor restaurant/bar and home of my dream patio. The lanterns, the Persian rugs, the water mister…oh my! La Raza

I love it, love it, love it!
That’s right. It’s beer-thirty.
These misters were life savers!

Only 1 more location to go…guess which site is my favorite?!?!